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Start In The Name Of Allah
We rehabilitate and integrate orphans, abused, and abandoned children into the society.
Build a Home

Our Build a Home project aims to positively change the lives of Orphans in Nigeria, by building safe and comfortable homes for them. We created a fund dedicated solely to build new homes for orphans, where their basic needs such as safe shelter, nourishing food, a promising education, trusted medical support, and genuine, sincere love are fulfilled.

Educate an Orphan

At Halal Children’s Home, we believe that the quality of our future relies significantly upon the investment in education we put into our generation today. We have so far given Quality Education to 40 orphaned youngsters, and our target is to educate more than 100 orphan children kids by 2022.

Sponsor an Orphan

Orphan sponsorship is fundamentally a lifesaver for vulnerable young children. Everywhere in the world, there are kids who don’t have the caring help of a family. Our Orphan sponsorship program changes the lives of kids and ensures that they receive an education, food, healthcare, medical support, and the loving care that any child needs.

Feed an Orphan

Imagine your child needs food and you cannot afford it. Each parent knows somewhere down in his or her heart the feeling of having to endure, manage, and sacrifice to feed their child. These children have nobody to make those sacrifices for them. Join us in helping the orphans in need of nourishing food, bring a smile to the faces of children.

Protect the Child

All children have rights that need to be protected. Each child ought to experience childhood in a protected, safe, and supportive environment. Violence against children is already at a pandemic extent all over the world. Halal Children’s Home is devoted to serving children’s requirements, protecting them from harm, gender-based violence, and exploitation.

Online Community Centre

At Halal Homes, we add momentum to propagating Islam, we encourage Muslims around the world to partake in our crowdfunding activities with a focus on sustainable development. Our community-centered events help to tackle the level of poverty and suffering in our community and give poor people the opportunity to improve their livelihoods.

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