They Converted to Islam Due to Hijab!


Statistics tells that four out of five who converts to Islam nowadays are women. This fact is the most striking response to those who claim that Islam is hostile to women, or digests their rights and insults their dignity.

The mercy and fairness of Islam and its honor for women are among the most magnificent beauties of this religion. It takes into account the nature of woman and meets the call of her instinct, her legitimate desires, and fulfills her urgent and future interests.

It, moreover, guarantees her success in her mission as a wife and mother, and gives her the opportunity to advance her community and her nation.

Everyday the sun of truth shines into the hearts of women whom God has guided to Islam. When contemplating on how those hearts are guided and lit up by the light of faith, one realizes the importance of the call of Islam to those hearts which are thirst for truth and how many lost people await the rescue-ship of Islam, and are eager to stretch hands to be taken  away from sinking.

Named after her conversion to Islam, Fatima Yusef, Fatimah tells us her story with Islam saying: “Before Islam, I did not taste a good flavor for my life! I had never heard anything about Islam before, and I did not know anything about its followers, until I read a book on the rights of Muslim women”.

“Many of our sufferings were discovered by us under the laws that enslave women and monopolize them, unlike the decent life that Islam provides to women. Islam maintains the woman and obliges man to take care of her,  have good coexistence, spend on her, and be held accountable for failure  to give her rights due to her”.

A woman Converts to Islam due to Hijab

Fatima wondered, “I said to myself, why should not I have these rights in return for limited duties that do not exceed my energy, do not strain me, and do not kill my femininity and my dignity?! Why are many non-Muslim women humiliating their bodies sexually  on adds or Magazines? “Why should not be a Muslim to be respected? After I repeated my visit to the mosque, I got to know more about Islam and was convinced of it a lot until the day came when I spoke the word of truth amid the tears of joy “, she decided to be Muslim.

Another woman states that she found her real freedom when she converted to Islam and wore Hijab. She says,

“When I went to the store and bought Hijab and wore it for the first time in my life, it was the first time to me to feel that my body has become exclusive to me and now I have full freedom with it..”, Fatima Yusuf.

Prof. Muhammad Akoya Converts to Islam Due to Hijab

The first reason for his conversion to Islam was the Hijab (veil of) an American Muslim student, who were proud of her religion, and proud of her veil; the most exciting about this man that two professors and four students became Muslim along with him after he had presented Islam to them. M Akoya became one advocates of Islam. Prof. Akoya tells his story of conversion to Islam saying:

“Four years ago, a great storm struck our university when an American Muslim American student came to study, and she was veiled;  among her lecturers was a fanatic lecturer who hated Islam and confronted anyone who supported Islam . He used to provoke arguments whenever he found an opportunity to undermine Islam. He waged a fierce war against her, and when she met the matter quietly, his anger increased, so he began to fight it through another path, where he decreased her degrees, suggesting difficult tasks for her to research. When the poor woman was unable to find a way out, she made a complaint to the university director to look into the matter. The administration’s decision was to hold a meeting between the two parties, the professor and the student, to hear their views and decide on the complaint.

When the appointment came. Most of the faculty members attended, and were very excited to attend the first meeting of its kind at the university.

 The session started where the student stated that the teacher hated her religion and wronged her scientific rights she mentioned several examples in this regard.  She asked to listen to the opinion of some of the students, who among them were those who, although not following her religion, sympathized with her and testified to her.

The Professor tried to defend himself. She defended Islam and gave a lot of information about  it and her conversation attracted the audience, who asked her some inquiries which she answered perfectly.,The professor got out of the hall. He was annoyed by the audience’s interest and interaction. At the end, the student distributed two papers on us under the title “What does Islam mean to me?”, showing The motif that led her to embrace this great religion, and then showed the importance and impact of the Hijab (veil). She explained her overwhelming feelings towards  Hijab

Her position was great, and she promised  to defend it forever, even if it resulted in her delay in study course. The members of the teaching-staff were impressed by the student confidence while  preserving her principle; the issue remained the subject of debate within the corridors of the university.”

“As for me”, Akoya proceeded, “a conflict began to erupt in my heart as to the religion of Islam. What I have , recently, known about Islam attracted me too much. After several months I announced my Islam, and two professors followed me in the same year, then four students converted to Islam as well. Thus, within a short period of time, we became a group that has advocacy-efforts in introducing and advocating Islam. Now there have been  a great number of people in the process of serious thinking over Islam, and soon, God’s willing, will spread the news of their Islam within the corridors of the university”!


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